Groundbreaking This Week for #1 Cochran Volkswagen

Pittsburgh, PA – Nello Construction is pleased to begin construction this week on a new Volkswagen dealership on West Liberty Avenue. The 6,800 square foot showroom will boast a contemporary design with an abundance of customer-centric amenities.
Dubbed Western Pennsylvania’s leading automotive dealer, #1 Cochran was awarded the Volkswagen franchise in late 2010.

“We are extremely honored to link Volkswagen’s iconic brand with our own,” said Rob Cochran, president and CEO of #1 Cochran. “We will represent Volkswagen with the passion, commitment and performance that this legendary marquee deserves.”

Mr. Cochran added, “Pittsburgh’s southern suburbs have an enthusiastic Volkswagen following. We are eager to delight VW buyers with #1 Cochran’s exceptional levels of service, professionalism and customer care.”

To make room for the new facility, demolition of an existing Infiniti dealership will be completed as part of phase two of the construction timeline.

Working alongside Nello Construction is designer Nudell Architects, a longtime automotive planner with clients such as Ford, Chrysler, General Motors, Lexus, and Mitsubishi.

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